In the traditional & modern routine of medicines Senna products have been used as proven laxatives in a natural way. Senna plant, whose botanical name is Cassia Angustifolia, is a native of Africa and Arabia. However, it has been successfully grown in various states of India, viz Rajasthan, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu since a long time. We have a strict procurement system and policies related to vendor management for purchase of Raw & Packing packing materials .Material has been procured from approved vendors only. These approved vendors have been evaluated for performance annually by our quality team. A written policy for vendor audit management is there for evaluation of vendors with aspects of good agricultural & cultivation practices, Good manufacturing practices and other related regulatory norms. Critical Parameters like pesticide, aflotoxins, foreign matter etc have also been monitored and Senna leaves and pods have been procured only from pre-approved vendors to make sure that the material is free from pesticides and is never contaminated with any other herb/foreign matter at any stage of during cultivation/storage.